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We are cis-gendered women who identify as non-Indigenous or settler to Turtle Island (North America). We decided to launch this site after struggling for a long time within spaces of Indigenous solidarity work. Our work and anti-colonial/anti-racist/Queer feminist politics were constantly delegitimized and dismissed by snarky, hostile, abusive big white activists, most of whom were men. While we have launched our blog with an entry critiquing and calling out these white, (usually) straight, cis-gendered male Indigenous solidarity activists, it is our hope that this blog will offer all of us space for discussing the way white women and people of color too have participated in politics which are racist, patriarchal and colonial in many ways. Therefore, this is a site where we will be critically examining and holding ourselves accountable as well. And while we are currently made up of only cis-gendered women, we encourage and welcome all explicitly gendered oppressed people to take up space here as well! You got something to say about the connections between Mad politics, heteropatriarchy/Queerness, Migrant Justice, Disability or anything else and colonialism, then please do get in touch! We welcome unsettling truths and look forward to letting the unsettling in!

We also heartfully welcome translations of our work. Please and Thank You, send them in!
If you would like to get in touch,  have ideas about different issues you would like to see covered, want to tell us how to make this space more accessible, or would like to submit something yourself for consideration please contact us at:
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